About me

I’m a Senior Lecturer in Forensic Psychology at the Department of Criminology and Police Work, Linnaeus University, Sweden. My main professional interests are meta-science, research methodology, scientific misconduct, and forensic (investigative) psychology.

I’m the founding director of IGDORE, an independent research institute with a strong focus on open and replicable science.

In 2016, I finished my PhD at University of Gothenburg, Sweden, with a thesis on police interviewing techniques and verbal deception detection. The thesis included retroactive disclosure statements (RDS; p’s 27-28 & 50-51 in the thesis) which I followed up on in 2018 with additional statements published on my website. My decision to publish RDS has been covered in an episode of Everything Hertz, mentioned in a piece in Undark Magazine, and I’ve co-authored a paper on similar statements. Curate Science has turned my RDS into a reporting standard badge called ‘Basic 7 (retroactive)’.

After 5 years abroad (Indonesia, Canada, Netherlands), I returned to Sweden in December 2019. I currently reside in Växjö and Gothenburg, Sweden.

I’m a first generation university student, and a proponent of viewpoint diversity.

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