About me

I’m an independent researcher in psychology. My main professional interests are research ethics, research methodology and investigative psychology (forensic psychology). I’m the founder of IGDORE, an independent virtual research institute, and a strong proponent of open and replicable science.

In 2016, I finished my PhD at University of Gothenburg, Sweden, with a thesis on police interviewing techniques and verbal deception detection. The thesis included retroactive disclosure statements (RDS; p’s 27-28 & 50-51 in the thesis) which I followed up on in 2018 with additional statements published on my website. My decision to publish RDS has been covered in an episode of Everything Hertz, mentioned in a piece in Undark Magazine, and I’ve co-authored a paper on similar statements. Curate Science has turned my RDS into a reporting standard badge called ‘Basic 7 (retroactive)’.

After 5 years abroad (Indonesia, Canada, Netherlands), I returned to Sweden in December 2019. I now reside in Gothenburg with my two children and three rescue dogs.

I’m a first generation university student, liberal leftist, and a proponent of viewpoint diversity.

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