Media Coverage

Below is a non-exhaustive list of media appearances and blog posts.

Popular media


Nya institut utmanar traditionella akademin [New institutes are challenging traditional academia]. Interview. Universitetsläraren.

Scientists Rarely Admit Mistakes. A New Project Wants to Change That. Interview. Undark Magazine.

Episode 57: Radical Transparency (with Rebecca Willén). Interview. Everything Hertz Podcast.


Rebecca Willén driver forskningsinstitutet IGDORE på distans [Rebecca Willén is running the research institute IGDORE remotely]. Interview. Svenska Nomader.

Blog posts


Open and replicable science cannot save us from academia. The academic work environment has been heavily critised by scientists for about 200 years now. How come nothing has changed? How come scientific misconduct such as questionable research practices still prevails our sciences?


Reflections on the Need for Open Science in Forensic Psychology. On questionable research practices in the area of investigative (forensic) psychology, and the urgent need for improved practices.

‘New academia’ – a safe harbour for researchers who love science. Scientific work is not exclusively done at universities. Science is also practised by independent scholars all around the world, with or without a formal doctorate degree. In this post I describe what opportunities there are for researchers who want to continue doing science but want out of academia.

Retroactive Disclosure Statements Make the Past More Useful. A written follow-up on the interview I did for Everything Hertz. Here I explain further what my co-authors think of my retroactive disclosure statements and how the statements could be further improved.